Tips to create an outdoor living room

Creating an outdoor living room is easy when you follow these tips.

Give your deck or patio the feeling of a living room by having more than just a patio table and chairs.

Nature’s Touch Landscaping suggests starting with a weather-proof rug to define the space as a room and not just a collection of patio furniture.  Outdoor rugs have the look of sisal but are softer on your bare feet.

Plant some tall grasses in outdoor containers to give the room-like atmosphere while providing  privacy and creating the illusion of walls.

All-weather  furniture is available and usually includes a sofa that seats 3 or 4 people and a large comfortable chair.  With this grouping it is easy to create a conversation area.  Simply arrange the seating so that people face each other.   Make the area cozy with cushions and colorful pillows.

Use some outdoor pots or urns and put a plexiglass or glass top on them to make your own side tables and coffee table to make the space more practical as a living area.  You won’t  have to set your drink or laptop on the ground every time you get up.  Decorate with small containers of flowers and hurricane lamps with candles.

When using your room at night you want to be able to see.  Some suggestions are solar powered accent lights (no wiring required), metal torches that stand up well to the elements and set a soothing mood with their flickering light, or outdoor lanterns that can be hung from tree branches or your home’s awnings.

Use your imagination and break-away from the mundane “patio table-chairs-umbrella”  look.  All these tips create a warm and relaxing gathering place for your friends and family to enjoy.  You may find yourself using your outdoor living room more than your indoor living room!

Respond back and let us know how you have created your outdoor living room!