Garden Calendar For April

Spring is almost here!  It has been a harsh winter here in Minnesota!  Here are some items that you should have on your garden calendar for April:

Transplant shrubs and trees.  When spring arrives, the soil thaws out and becomes slightly dry.  Transplanting at this time is important in order to minimize the shock that a plant may go through.  Plan on doing your transplanting before leaves begin to develop.  Carefully dig around the base of the plant to form a ball containing as much of the root system as possible.  Water generously.

Divide perennials that have grown too large or are not flowing properly.  Remember this rule when dividing:  “If it blooms early, divide it late and if it blooms late, divide it early.”  Some examples of plants to divide in the spring are Ornamental Grasses, Monarda and Russian Sage.

Stir up mulch in your landscape to prevent weeds from growing.  Mulch is organic and although it is less friendly to weeds than soil, weeds can still grow in mulch.  There are many ways that weed seeds can end up in your mulch and stirring it up helps to prevent seeds from growing and keeps the area looking good and fresh with minimum effort.