Fixing your sinking driveway apron.

Your driveway apron is an important part of the water management system for your property. The problem with most sinking driveway aprons is that the base beneath them was not properly installed. Due to the harsh winters we have here in Minnesota, our driveways are exposed to freezing, thawing, snow and ice. These weather conditions and the routine damage caused by cars and other heavy equipment can cause driveways to sink. Water will then erode away the base beneath the driveway and cause the sinking to accelerate.  Fixing your sinking apron is critical in properly managing the water flow. By removing any transition between your driveway and garage floor and installing a new paver apron you will assure that water will run away from your property instead of inside of it. We can replace your deteriorating apron with a new decorative paver apron that will match your design requirements. Once we remove your existing apron we will inspect your home’s foundation to ensure that it has not been compromised as a result of water flow created by your failed apron. We will then assess the base material under your current driveway. Mirafi fabric will go down under the base and we will add some class 5 gravel and compact it under your new apron to ensure that it will resist sinking in the future. A new decorative paver apron will be installed to provide proper drainage and nice curb appeal.