Container Gardening

Are you new to gardening and don’t quite know where to begin?  Start with a great pot.

Containers are easy for the beginner.  Think of it as a very small complete garden that is mobile.

If you go away for weekends, make sure you choose plants that are tolerant to drought, like succulents, which are more forgiving of occasional neglect.

Start with cold tolerant plants and then weed out some of them and add more heat loving plants.

Understand your light conditions for the plants you choose.  Full sun is 5 hours or more.  Partial sun is 3-5 hours and shade is 3 hours or less.

Contrast is important in container gardening.  Start with a plant that you love and combine it with plants with contrasting texture, color or form.   Pair a fine-textured plant with a heavy-leafed plant, yellow-greens with red-violets, etc…….

A container garden can be as complex or as simple as you want.  It should reflect your personality.