Spring Startup

Spring is an exciting time of regrowth and new possibilities. With winter finally over, those bulky winter coats can go into the spare closet. But even as the snow recedes and the gardening plans come to life, some might not have their bodies ready for what is to come — the bending, raking, trimming, moving tools and pots in and out of the garage, re-mulching, cleaning out all those slimy planting beds, bagging it up and hauling it away. For the next two weeks their bodies are so sore most wish it was winter again.

Nature’s Touch Landscaping can take the pain out of getting your landscape ready for planting or we can plant it for you.

Don’t forget that we also do sprinkler start-ups!

Fall Breakdown

Autumn’s chill comes to Minnesota too early for many folks, and sometimes that first frost can hit earlier than expected. You want to keep your outdoor environment looking as colorful and green for as long as you can, but before the real cold begins, we recommend that you start breaking down your outdoor areas to prepare for the long winter. There’s lot to do: hoses and patio furniture brought in, pruning, trimming, breaking down all your pots and urns, raking and pulling all the frost damaged overgrown plants which are bagged and hauled away and much more.

Nature’s Touch Landscaping will take the work out of your fall breakdown and give you peace of mind, knowing that your landscape will be ready for the next year’s growing season.

Don’t forget that we also do sprinkler blowouts!

Unless noted, photos are used with permission courtesy of Belgard Hardscapes.

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