Outdoor Kitchens ~ Fireplaces ~ Firepits ~ Pergolas

Kitchens Aren’t Just Indoors

Now you can take your grilling experience, alfresco style, to a whole new level, while adding value to your backyard paradise. Let Nature’s Touch Landscaping add an outdoor kitchen or to your existing patio or let us help you custom design a new outdoor kitchen especially for your own needs, including counters, counter tops, stainless steel doors and drawers, warmers, ovens, refrigerators and sinks. The options are vast so call Nature’s Touch Landscaping for the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Fireplaces ~ For Outdoors

Fireplaces are finding their way into the outdoor arena.  Just as indoors, their flames spell coziness and comfort. They take the chill off spring and fall evenings while creating great gathering areas for idle chat and memories with family and friends.

Fireplaces come as a unit and can be as large as your imagination will take you. We can put in counter tops and storage shelves for wood, sitting walls for gathering and columns for structure and lighting. They are constructed from high-strength, lightweight concrete and fully lined with fire brick. The fireplaces are engineered for mortarless veneering with the rustic manufactured block of your choice. Let us show you the multiple colors and designs that would fit your personality and your landscape.

For more information on Kitchens, fireplaces, firepits and pergolas ~ 763-566-8457

Firepits ~ And More

Firepits have really developed through the years. We have designed them into patios, sunken them into the ground, put sitting walls around them, designed them with outcroppings of large boulders for sitting, and designed gardens and water features around them.

All of our firepits start with a metal fire ring the size that you have chosen for your firepit. The next choice will be to determine the depth or height that you would like to have the firepit in the ground. After that you will be choosing the manufactured block, style and color, or if you would rather have natural stone or boulders to surround your metal liner. The location of your firepit will be excavated deep enough for drainage and lined with rocks.

Pergolas ~ Your New Room

Natural wood pergolas have a decidedly architectural feeling while providing partial shade in areas lacking trees or shelter from the sun.

You can add to your pergola a patio, a fireplace on the end, a grill or outdoor kitchen, electricity, lighting, refrigerator, and don't forget the bar! Grapevines or other climbing foliage can be added to contribute to the shade and character of your new outdoor room. Be the envy of your friends and family. Let Nature's Touch Landscaping design and build the pergola to fit your individual outdoor needs. You deserve it!

Unless noted, photos are used with permission courtesy of Belgard Hardscapes.

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