Angie’s List Super Service Award

Posted on: Fri, Mar 25, 2016 by Nature's Touch

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Posted on: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 by Nature's Touch

Spring maintenance leads to a healthy summer lawn. Winter can compact your soil, change the pH of your soil,  and create an environment that leads[…]

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Garden Calendar For April

Posted on: Fri, Mar 14, 2014 by Nature's Touch

Spring is almost here!  It has been a harsh winter here in Minnesota!  Here are some items that you should have on your garden calendar[…]

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How to divide perennials that grow in clumps

Posted on: Thu, Sep 6, 2012 by Nature's Touch

Some perennials have stems that are very short and often completely underground with leaves that are arranged in distinct rosette, tufts or fans.  Every year[…]

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Perennials that spread in mats and patches

Posted on: Sat, Aug 25, 2012 by Nature's Touch

Perennials that spread in mats and patches include yarrow, artemisias and anemones, asters, phlox, bee balms, loosestrifes, sundrops, mountain bluets, evening primroses, sweet woodruffs, spreading[…]

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New Paver Driveway is complete

Posted on: Wed, Jul 11, 2012 by Nature's Touch

Our paver driveway project is finished and it beautifully transitions from the paver patio added to the front entryway that includes a new front stoop. […]

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How to divide your perennials

Posted on: Wed, Jul 11, 2012 by Nature's Touch

Perennials that grow from bulbs, tubers, corms, or other underground storage organs are all easy to divide.  Some may not produce flowers well for a[…]

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Dividing Perennials

Posted on: Tue, Jun 12, 2012 by Nature's Touch

Why should you divide your perennials? It is an easy, cost effective way of making more plants. Some perennials get overcrowded and exhaust the soil.[…]

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Perennial Garden Care Tips

Posted on: Thu, May 24, 2012 by Nature's Touch

Perennial gardens are a beautiful addition to any yard.  Here are a few tips to keep your beds in tip top shape: Fertilizing should start[…]

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Container Gardening

Posted on: Mon, Apr 2, 2012 by Nature's Touch

Are you new to gardening and don’t quite know where to begin?  Start with a great pot. Containers are easy for the beginner.  Think of[…]

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